Protecmedia and Tecnavia: a successful collaboration with the best of industry; innovative and efficient solutions for publishers worldwide


A recently signed agreement brings Protecmedia and Tecnavia together, opening the door for interesting and exciting new perspectives in the media industry.

Protecmedia, based in Spain with a team of 150 professionals and more than 40 years of international experience, offers integrated solutions especially developed for editorial media, covering editorial processes, audiences, and advertising.

Tecnavia, with a team of 50 professionals and over 40 years of worldwide experience in editorial workflow operations, has specialized in ePaper and user-friendly apps since 2000, servicing over 1800 clients in the US and Europe including press associations and newspapers of all sizes.

In their search for a top of the market app solution to provide complex features, metadata maintenance and generation from multiple sources, as well as a user-friendly end user experience, Protecmedia has chosen Tecnavia as the selected supplier for their app solutions.

Tecnavia’s Newsmemory Bluebird, the next generation of app and ePaper, is the most professional, reliable, and full featured e-publishing solution on the market today.

Readers especially appreciate:

  • full segmentation: all content, including articles and advertisements, are perfectly clipped and indexed, providing a more engaging, intuitive reading experience on all devices, including smartphones.
  • quick download: readers can enjoy an engaging experience even without a reliable connection
  • user-friendly interface: displays well and makes reading easy and enjoyable on any device.

The integration of Tecnavia’s platform with MDXP, Protecmedia’s Editorial System, allows Publishers to maximize the potential of both systems, increasing the efficiency and reliability of their media solution while having full control over both print and digital options through a unique data flow, providing readers with an intuitive, comfortable, and pleasant reading experience.

With a combined 80 years of experience, this collaboration brings the highest levels of innovation and professionalism, allowing both parties to take advantage of potential synergies resulting from the complementary nature of their respective products, services and markets, while maintaining an unrivaled standard of excellence.